Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another Day... Another Meh

"Time flies when you're having fun"..... that's the saying everyone knows, but that's not the only time that flies, I find. "Time flies when you're bored off your ass" is equally applicable.... So does "Time flies when you're working so hard that you forget your own name and everything around you sucks inexplicably without any just reason".... but it doesn't roll of the tongue as easily....

Ok.... emo rant aside, Life is tolerable. I'm working a lot IRL, which is nice as far as my bills are concerned. I've grown rather fond of having food and electricity, so in all, it's all win-win.... aside from having the personal life of a Turnip.

I've been neglecting many things lately, and for that I apologize. I've not been on Second life or this blog in ages it seems. It's not so much for lack of trying..... it's for lack of time (and words, in the instance of this blog)

Things are in a constant state of flux in my life it would seem. Either I am paying some karmic debt, or there is some higher power that watches over me while drunkenly nudging his buddies and stating "watch what happens when I do this!"... One thing improves while 3 others take a full header with a 3/4 twist into a clogged shitter. I've told myself "it can only get better from here" so many times over the years, my own inner monologue rolls it's eyes, shrugs, and walks out of the proverbial room at the mere thought of the affirmation. But hell, what can I say.... It's gotta eventually get better, right?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another day, another site....

This will be my, what..... 4th site I have played with? I don't know if it will go the way of the others.... forgotten or under attended due to lack of interest. Anyway, Hello and welcome to my page!

Now that the greetings are out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. The name is Judas. I can hear you already... "Is that your REAL name?"... allow me to put your doubting minds to rest... NO. If I wanted to put my real name out here, I would. I like my anonymity and if I know or like you, I will tell you if you don't know already. I am very misanthrope ..
**Waits while you Google the meaning**..... Welcome back! As I was saying, I am misanthropic and not a quick one to trust. To blow your mind a little further, I am a social misanthrope.... So while I may dislike humanity as a whole, I desperately crave it's companionship at times. This lends one such as myself a different viewpoint on life and times. If you follow along this little rabbit hole of a blog, you will see musings, witticisms, and ramblings that may or may not make you laugh, sigh, or go on to the next post in disgust. Such is life, and such is the way of my writing.

Since this is my first post, I will tell you a little more about "Real Me".... consider it a gift to you, my dear reader. I am 33 and live in the ripe old United States. I am Male, last I checked, and regrettably single. I have a wonderful dog named Laybil and a cat that annoys me named Dezdimona.... So I'm not completely alone in the traditional sense, but while they are awesome listeners, their discussion skills seem rather lacking. Laybil would rather set every single one of her toys in my lap in succession than have deep conversations on philosophy, and the cat..... well... she's a cat, and it's bred into their genetic code to be aloof and disinterested. She can't even take a joke.... start any conversation and unless you're petting her you will find yourself talking to her butt as she is suddenly interested in the concept that there may be something shiny or small enough to carry and subsequently shove under the refrigerator in some other part of the house..... which brings me to my next rambling..... what is up with that whole "Hide shit under the fridge" thing? One minute it's like "Oooh... I love this new catnip mouse you got me!" as she's beating the hell out of it.... the next minute it's "Meh, I have nothing but contempt for your materialistic attempts to please me, foul human. I shall now hide this contraption under the cold metal thing that you feed from until such time that I shall stand there and force you to retrieve it with my incessant 'mewing'.... DANCE HUMAN... DANCE!" ..... that's why cats have slit eyes unlike us kind hearted, round pupiled ones. They are soulless demons sent from the bowels of hell to torture us with their cuteness and promises of lap-warming fluffiness.... Holy shit... In hindsight, I've dated women like that too! It's a conspiracy, I tell you!

I digress, though. If you found this site you either stumbled onto it, were led here by Secondlife, or heard about it from someone. Any way around it, you're in my little part of the world now. Welcome.... pull up a seat.... make yourself at home. If nothing else, I can promise an interesting read.